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Buying Your Next Vehicle

What happens when you contract with Car Guy Auto Search To Buy A Vehicle?

First Steps

  • Initial Contact

    When you first begin your search of our classifieds you will notice a different approach to shopping for a vehicle.

  • Looking to Buy

    Setting the parameters we have listed will narrow your ad choices to better find what you want to purchase. What are YOU looking for? Car, truck, minivan, SUV, 4x4, or just something fun. Best practice is to set a budget for yourself to get the best unit for what money you can invest.

Car Guy Auto Search

Save yourself much time, stress and headaches when looking for a new ride. Whether for work/play or simply transportation, having an inspection is key to finding something dependable. Are you looking for a first vehicle for your child? Maybe you are a teenager looking for your own first car. By using and .com, you can confidently choose and know your time was well spent.

  • Identifying The Vehicle

    Once you find the vehicle of your liking, you look over the auto report (CarFax), as well as lien search and mechanics report (3rd party). This will empower you to make the best choice for you and what you can expect when you go to look at the vehicle in person.

  • Completing The Sale

    By using Car Guy Auto Search, you lessen the time spent running around town or the city to find what you like. Search here, get informed and look at 2-3 vehicles in a shorter time frame. Other sites don’t get the info we get for you, saving you time and money.

Finding A Vehicle

Your Peace Of Mind

  • Reasons to Buy With Car Guy Auto Search

    Why go through Car Guy Auto Search? One of the main reasons you want to work with Car Guy is that the time you save doing research, calling and going to see a vehicle can be better spent with your family and friends. In this time of uncertainty it helps to be well informed before going to that in-person meeting. When you go with all the information we provide, you are you are better prepared and can negotiate price with solid information.

  • Benefits and Features

    Benefits of contracting with Car Guy. We are endeavoring to find you the best deal possible for the price range set beforehand. You also get the confidence of knowing if there is a lien on your favourite choice and how the vehicle has been treated by the Carfax as well as an inspection to know if repairs will need to be completed. Armed with all this you are in the best possible position to make a deal for your next ride and pay a fair price.

The Sale

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our clients - our services leaving them happy and satisfied

Our experience with Dale was very positive. We had been thinking about getting a van for our expanding family, but were planning to wait a year or so till we found a good deal and had saved up some money. Dale found one for us right away for a great price, helping us look into it and sort out the purchase. We ended up saving a lot of money with the amazing deal he had found. Dale was very helpful and handled all sorts of small details to get us the vehicle and make sure it was in good shape and ready for the family. 

Sam and Kevin Rempel

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