Selling Your Next Vehicle

What happens when you contract with Car Guy Auto Search To Sell A Vehicle?

Matching With a Buyer

  • Steps in the Listing Process

    1. Follow prompts for inputing information about your vehicle.
    2. Input VIN for Carfax and lien search
    3. Choose from a list of approved vendors in your area for inspection
    4. Make appointment for inspection (7 days max)
    5. Pay fees and download a copy of inspection report
    6. Put ad# at top of inspection report
    7. Wait for approval

  • Features and Fees

    Yes, these features come with a fee. Once you contract with Car Guy the fee will be presented which includes Car Guy paying for a, Carfax, lien search and one Safety inspection. Any out of province inspections are the responsibility of the purchaser. Highlighting your ad is optional for additional fees and helps keep your vehicle in the forefront of the ads available.

Car Guy Auto Search

Save your time, prevent unneeded stress, and use less effort when finding your next vehicle that is right for you. Our use of high-level mechanics also gives you the confidence to make an informed and educated decision.

  • Reasons to Sell With Car Guy Auto Search

    1. Inspection shows how good your potential purchase is
    2. Carfax gives information about the history of potential choices
    3. Lien search guarantees people know if any money is still owing on a vehicle

Your Peace Of Mind

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our clients - our services leaving them happy and satisfied

I needed a good reliable truck for running my farrier business. I wanted to avoid debt and payments so that meant buying used. With that said, my time is far better invested into making sure that the horses I work on have great feet underneath them than it is spending hours and hours hunting for the right deal on a great truck.  Car Guy looked at what I needed and what my budget was and lined me up with a Truck that is 100% what I was looking for and purrs like a kitten. 

  My experience buying this truck is that Car Guy was fantastic at helping me know exactly what this vehicle was that I was getting into and what to expect from a vehicle of it’s particular age and milage. It’s exactly what he said it would be, I have had very few maintenance issues with it, and if I did have any for the most part I’ve been able to expect anything that needed attention before it needed to be done. I would buy through Car guy again and again, I can’t even begin to say enough good things about him! 

Nathanael Sterr

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